Flood Consequence Assessments – Wales

Contact: flood.risk@surface-property.co.uk

More than one in six properties is at risk of flooding in Wales, while large undeveloped areas are also modelled to flood, meaning  Flood Consequence Assessments are becoming a critical part of planning applications.  Early involvement of a hydrologist is key, to avoid project risk.

The Arcus Hydrology team has extensive experience of producing Flood Consequence Assessments for a range of development types.

The requirements for a Flood Consequence Assessment are set out in the Technical Advice Note 15 (TAN15).

The level of input for a Flood Consequences Assessment will depend on whether your site is located in Flood Zone A, B or C (A being low risk and C being high risk).  TAN15 also requires the level of detail of the Flood Consequence Assessment to be proportionate to the scale and nature of any development.

Your development will require a Flood Consequence Assessment if located in Flood Zones C1 and C2.

For Flood Zone B, your site levels will need to be checked against extreme flood extents which are mapped by Natural Resources Wales. You can check flood extents on their Flood Map.

To find out more about Flood Zones and whether you require a Flood Consequences Assessment, please contact the Surface Hydrology team to discuss your requirements: flood.risk@surface-property.co.uk