Flood Risk Assessment, SuDS + Hydrology

Contact: flood.risk@surface-property.co.uk

The Hydrology team at Surface specialises in Flood Risk Assessment, Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and drainage services. Our team are members of CIWEM and give cost-effective, clear and accurate advice on complex projects.

We use industry-standard software such as Micro Drainage and Flood Modeller to ensure our reports are accurate and comply with guidance such as the SuDS Manual (CIRIA C753).

We have extensive experience of working in urban environments, including sites with sensitive receptors.  We are able to provide informed hydrology-related advice and guidance based on our field experience and previous consultations with government bodies such as the Environment AgencyScottish Environment Protection Agency and Natural Resources Wales (Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru).

View Surface Hydrology and Flood Risk Brochure

Our Hydrology team provides a range of hydrological services, including:

We work with a range of organisations to meet their Flood Risk Assessment and Hydrology requirements.  These include local councils, architects, construction firms, water treatment works, individual homeowners, private developers and multi-national corporations.

Our Hydrology Team is based in York and Glasgow, and undertake Flood Risk Assessments and Hydrology Assessments throughout the UK.