Visualisations, models and photography

Visualisations are a very effective communication tool helping project teams, planning officers and stakeholders understand new development proposals.

A key part of this process is the capturing of professional viewpoint photography. Photographs within the Landscape And Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) section of commercial development planning application visualisations need to be captured in line with industry and local authority guidelines. This not only ensures that any resulting imagery is captured in suitable weather conditions, but that the whole process of setting up the equipment through to the actual taking of the imagery is ‘verifiable’.

The LVIA photography team at Surface has over 20 years of photographic experience and are able to undertake photographic work in line with The Landscape Institute Visual Representation of Development Proposals and The Highland Council Visualisation Standards for Wind Energy Developments (aspects of which are now being adopted by some local authority planning departments in England and Wales for non-wind energy developments).

Once LVIA photography has been captured, our photographers will identify key reference points within the imagery, and where necessary, liaise with professional surveyors to ensure that any site surveys capture the correct information.

As well as capturing the initial photography, our visualisation team can create 2D models, 3D models, verifiable photomontages, fly throughs and animations of projects. We provide visualisations for a range of development types and at all stages from concept design to fully rendered 3D models or photomontages showing what the development will look like within its setting.

Verifiable photomontages, by their very name, are images created through a documented, structured process. The methodology used is not only robust, but if needs be, can be replicated by a third party to confirm it’s accuracy, therefore making it ‘verifiable’.

The Surface visualisation team work closely with our in-house landscape architects and planners to ensure that deliverables are cost effective and add value to the project by informing project design or providing information required by planning authorities.

Utilising our multi-disciplinary team allows us to have full control over quality from original imaging through to production of verifiable photorealistic montages and models.

We offer a range of services, including: