Civil Engineering + Infrastructure


The Surface Civil Engineering and Infrastructure team provides assessments, studies and designs across the property sector.  Our people have extensive experience, providing services on projects ranging in scale from single use sites to housing developments of over 1000 units and major retail centres.

Our approach to every project is that we put our clients’ needs at the core of what we do and we aim to bring value through all our work.  Our team are experienced in providing advice at the earliest stages of development planning.  As well as supporting feasibility studies, our people have been involved in development frameworks and action plans for local, district and major urban regeneration schemes.

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Once projects move to outline design stage, we integrate with our clients’ teams, and provide optimised solutions derived through ensuring we have a thorough understanding of development objectives and the nature of the site.

We manage health and safety, commercial, and development risk through open communication with our clients’ team and we deliver projects through construction using robust specifications and contracts and through applying construction management techniques based on the best of our broad experience.