BREEAM Assessment


The Surface BREEAM team is experienced in delivering the BREEAM assessor role across a wide range of sectors and development scales. Whatever the development, we provide advice on design, cost and materials to inform proposals and allow developments to succeed.

We understand our clients’ drivers: CSR objectives, through lifecycle efficiency, reduced environmental impact, reduced operational costs and compliance with project requirements to meet planning, funding and handover criteria. Our advice is geared towards
achieving these aims.

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BREEAM services are delivered by a BRE accredited team, using individuals that are highly experienced.  We provide the following services:

• Commercial – Industrial
• Commercial – Offices
• Commercial – Retail
• Residential
• Multi-Residential
• Infrastructure
• Public – Education and Higher Education
• Public – Healthcare
• Public – Prisons
• Public – Courts
• Other Buildings – Bespoke
• Refurbishment and Fit-Out
Accredited Professional
Sustainability Champion
Homes Quality Mark (HQM)

Interim Assessment/ Design Stage
Final Assessment/ Post-Construction Stage

Performance Rating Advice
Cost and Methods
Alternatives and Previous Experience
Integrated with the Project Team

Advice from the assessor is integrated with advice from technical surveys and assessments, whether also delivered by Surface or provided by others. Surface services including ecology, acoustics, landscape, water
use, energy use and drainage provide input to the BREEAM assessor and the planning process. These, combined with the Assessor’s own expertise, deliver all 10 areas of BREEAM assessment.

We work with our clients to allow them to achieve their desired performance rating in a cost-efficient way, using a specification that fits with the overall scheme.

Our services and advice are focused and concise. We ensure that senior staff are involved in all of our projects to ensure that clients benefit from our depth and range of experience.


BREEAM Assessor Role
Quality BREEAM assessment means becoming an integral part of our client’s team. Our BREEAM assessors develop an understanding of the commercial aims and drivers of the project to advise appropriately.

Design advice is based on combining project aims with the scheme characteristics and opportunities, to maximise the BREEAM performance rating. Technical inputs are guided by our BREEAM assessors to optimise credits within project design parameters, creating sustainable development and
delivering best practice.


Experience of the Team is Key
Quality BREEAM assessment is delivered through understanding how BREEAM is scored by BRE, who certify our assessments. This is assured through the experience of our assessors and our effectiveness when working within multi-disciplinary teams.

Best value for BREEAM assessment services means maximising the BREEAM performance rating for the overall cost of design changes and provision of services. By understanding how the BREEAM points are scored, and through experience of delivery options, our assessors provide cost-effective solutions.

Surface BREEAM assessors have delivered effectively since 2003, with extensive experience across a wide range of development sectors and a wide range of scales of project.