Construction Noise Assessment

Noise from construction operations is predicted and assessed using BS 5228 Code of Practice for Noise and Vibration Control on Construction and Open sites.  Surface has significant experience applying BS 5228 to a range of construction projects.

BS 5228 refers to the need to protect people living near, and working on, construction sites against noise and vibration.  It recommends procedures for noise and vibration control in respect of construction operations.

The standard includes a discussion of noise control targets, and example criteria for the assessment of the significance of noise effects.  In addition, methods of calculating the levels of noise resulting from construction activities are provided, as are source levels for various types of plant, equipment and construction activities.

In assessing the impact of construction noise and vibration from construction activities, the following factors are considered:

Surface can provide monitoring, prediction of noise sources, modelling and assessment according to the requirements of BS 5228 to determine the impact of noise at operational or proposed construction sites.

In addition, we can provide recommendations regarding the supervision, planning, preparation and execution of construction works, emphasising the need to consider noise at every stage of the operation.

Where potential impacts are predicted to be significant, Surface can advise on appropriate construction noise mitigation measures, including:

We can provide: