Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Client: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Services: Masterplanning; earthworks; hard and soft landscape design, boundary details; arboriculture; ecology.

Special Considerations: Protected ancient hedgerow and trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO).

We applaud our client in their ongoing conservation work and the highest quality of care for their animals, and encourage anyone who hasn’t visited yet to go and see for yourself what has been achieved by our client at Yorkshire Wildlife Park: www.yorkshirewildlifepark.com

Project Overview/ Summary:

Surface worked closely with the client and construction team to develop bespoke proposals for the new ‘Into Africa’ project at their site in Doncaster.  The site was flat with a large ancient hedgerow cutting through and a large number of TPO trees which needed protection from grazing animals.  The design included a large gabion serpentine wall walkway and Ha-Ha with pool, which raised visitors above the hoof paddocks and rhino enclosures.  The landscape needed to resemble an African plain; create a strong and authentic visual experience for visitors; and create enrichment for the animals such as natural grazing, mounding, trees, tree stumps, wallows and sand pits etc.  Surface liaised closely with our ecologists in the UK and our parent company’s team in South Africa to utilise wetland plants (translocation) on site.