Wrexham Lighting Strategy

Client: Wrexham County Borough Council

Services: Masterplanning; public realm lighting strategy; lighting design.

Special Considerations: Conservation Area and historic listed buildings, working with artists.

Project Overview/ Summary:

Wrexham Lighting Strategy continued the stages of a public realm strategy that Surface Associate Director Mark Topping authored.  The lighting strategy focuses on creating a deliverable and costed lighting design for the town centre to support a national funding bid.  The design proposes a warm and white light route through the town centre and detailed design and costs for the town centre public realm.  Surface worked with artist Nayan Kulkarni to create a work of public art at the new arts hub and other works within the town centre culminating in an outdoor showing of some of Nayan’s works projected on to the Old Library building.

Surface also worked with Designs for Lighting to assess the existing lighting stock within the town centre for a maintenance and renewal programme for LED replacement and work towards the lighting strategy.