Watson Street, Glasgow

Client: Scott Bennett Associates

Services: Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment for Residential Apartment Block

Project overview/summary:

A noise and vibration impact assessment was undertaken as part of a study investigating the feasibility of a 7 to 9-storey apartment block in Glasgow.

The site was located in a busy city-centre environment, and adjacent to the high-level City Union railway line.  During consultation, Glasgow City Council noted that train movements on the City Union line are anticipated to significantly increase due to the line’s role in the Glasgow Crossrail project.

Noise and vibration monitoring was undertaken to determine the current scenario, and the data used to inform a model predicting a second scenario, based upon proposed Crossrail movements.

Vibration levels were found to be within British Standard criteria (BS 6472) for both the existing and future scenarios.  In order to ensure the amenity of the future residents was not unreasonably impacted by noise, a glazing specification was developed for each façade, future-proofing the Development against the additional train movements.