South Street, Manchester

Client: One Manchester

Services: Noise Impact Assessment and Open Space Assessment

Project Overview/ Summary:

Two assessments were undertaken to support a planning application for residential development with a dementia care facility in Openshawe, Manchester

Noise: Surface undertook an assessment of noise to determine the existing noise climate, and to assess these noise levels against relevant guidance. Consultation was undertaken with Manchester City Council to agree the scope and assessment methodology. Noise monitoring was undertaken over the weekend period to ensure any additional noise associated with the use of Openshaw Park was accounted for. Monitoring was undertaken at a representative location on the Development site, and resulting noise levels were assessed in accordance with BS 8233:2014 and WHO Guidelines for Community Noise criteria.

Open Space: The Open Space Assessment considered the site of the proposed development against local and national policy and guidance in respect of open space provision, whilst reviewing the proposed loss of open space provision currently offered by the site against provision elsewhere in east Manchester. It was considered that the site is currently surplus to current and future requirements, with higher quality facilities offered in vicinity to the site at a suitable level of accessibility and quantity. Higher quality facilities were readily available within the local area, and the loss of an underused low quality facility is not considered to have a significant impact on the local accessibility to open space.