Mall Avenue, Edinburgh

Client: Michael Laird Architects

Services: Noise Impact Assessment

Project Overview/ Summary:

A noise impact assessment was undertaken to be submitted as part of a planning application for the development of 140 apartments.  The development consisted of 8 blocks, and is located adjacent to a main road into Edinburgh.  The aim of the assessment was to determine the existing noise climate, assess the measured noise levels against relevant guidance, and recommend mitigation measures to ensure the amenity of future residents was not unreasonably impacted.

The site was adjacent to a busy road, large supermarket and bus depot, and as such had a complex noise environment.  It was agreed with the local council that the design criteria specified in BS 8233:2014 should be achieved by the apartments. Noise measurements undertaken at various locations around the site were used to determine the attenuation required by the building envelope to meet the specified noise limits.  The mitigation measures were discussed and agreed with the client to ensure they could be included as part of the building design – maximising the chance of consent.