Highfield Grange, York

Client: Green Screen Productions Limited

Services: Bat Roost Assessment and Bat Activity Surveys

Project Overview/ Summary: One of our Natural England bat licenced ecologists completed an assessment of the on-site buildings’ potential to support bat roosts in accordance with the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) guidelines. Evidence of bats was recorded within one of the residential blocks to be converted, and so an emergence survey and a pre-dawn survey were completed on this building, as required by BCT guidance.

A maternity roost for common pipistrelles was recorded during the bat roost assessment and bat activity surveys. A maternity roost is protected by law against disturbance, as bats are European Protected Species. Therefore it was recommended that any works to the building be subject to a European Protected Species Licence. A range of project-specific mitigation measures were recommended to facilitate the programme of the works.