Quayside West, Newcastle

Client – Residential Developer

Scope –Air quality and noise assessments, for a proposed residential led (1,500 units) mixed use development on a former industrial site on the Newcastle riverside was undertaken to determine the air quality and noise impact of the development on new and existing receptors. The development was subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and as such the output was an Environmental Statement chapter and technical appendix.

Air Quality – The development was located close to an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) and therefore air dispersion modelling of pollutant concentrations was undertaken along with a construction dust risk assessment, in accordance with IAQM guidance. The accuracy of the model was verified against Council background monitoring.  Vehicle emissions arising from the development were modelled and added to the baseline traffic flows to provide an overall pollutant concentration arising when the development was occupied in the future. One of the modelled roads, Redheugh Bridge Road, was elevated above the development site as it crossed the River Tyne; this was captured in the model.

Noise – The noise environment on site is particularly complex, including noise from road traffic on the elevated section of Redhegh Bridge, Newcastle Arena and a National Grid Gas Governor. A detailed noise survey and modelling was undertaken, with the results used to inform the good acoustic design of the development.

Solution – Given the negligible impact arising from the Development no mitigation was proposed or considered necessary for air quality. A ProPG Acoustic Design Statement has been prepared, demonstrating that a significant adverse noise impact can be avoided, and detailing how the adverse impacts of noise have been mitigated and minimised, in accordance with the NPPF and NPSE.