Mark Topping

Associate Director
MA (Hons) CMLI
15 years experience


Mark was born in Fulford, North Yorkshire, he studied Landscape Architecture for 5 years at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh College of Art, part of which involved studying Urban Design and Masterplanning at Purdue University near Chicago in the USA.  He also worked in Canada for a year on land reclamation and public realm schemes. He is a Chartered Landscape Architect and manages the design team at Surface Property.  He believes in understanding context of sites and creating exciting, innovative and deliverable design solutions focused on client’s objectives.

Mark likes running (10k), rugby, football, kayaking, and polo.  He also runs an agricultural business in North Yorkshire including land restoration, traditional arable farming and rare breed livestock, where he also tests his planting ideas.  He spends his spare time with his family, driving his tractor, looking after animals and playing sport.

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