Kirsty McGuigan

Environmental Consultant
BSc (Hons) Engineering: Environmental Design
MSc Sustainability and Environmental Studies
4 years experience


Kirsty has always been interested in how development interacts with the environment and society. She studied environmental civil engineering at the University of Glasgow, followed by a sustainability and environmental masters at Strathclyde University. Over the course of her career Kirsty has worked on and managed a variety of projects including residential and mixed use developments, sports and leisure developments, road developments, energy developments, and transmission cables. She has gained experience of a variety of technical specialisms which has allowed her to extend her understanding of interactions between developments and the environment, managing both the expectations of the developer and helping them to ensure they are legally compliant whilst also minimising their effects on the environment.

Kirsty enjoys travelling and meeting new people, having spent a year working in and exploring Australia and New Zealand. She enjoys rugby (watching, not playing), camping, exploring Scotland and spends her spare time with family and friends.

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