Katie Emmitt reflects on the first 6 months of her Year in Industry placement with Surface Property

1 February 2017

Starting my Year in Industry placement at Surface Property back in August 2016, I remember feeling excited but nervous at the prospect. However, I settled in very quickly and soon found I had nothing to worry about. The staff here are all very friendly and made me feel at home almost immediately. They’re always on hand to offer support, often saying “Let me know if you have any questions or need any more support,” when delegating work to me. Working as part of an enthusiastic team of skilled people, clearly passionate about their area of expertise, and more than happy to answer any questions I have, makes working here at Surface all the more enjoyable.

Although based within the Environment team, I have had the opportunity to work with the wide range of technical disciplines at Surface. Within my 3rd week of working here, I was asked to undertake bat surveys with the Ecology team, and travelled to the beautiful yet remote surroundings of the Scottish Highlands. I have worked with the Hydrology team and drafted a Flood Risk Assessment, and produced marketing material for the different teams.  I have also undertaken tasks in GIS, a programme I am getting to grips with. Surface was able to provide me with excellent training and as such I have learnt how to input Ecology and Ornithology data to produce visual representations of the data, as well as produce clear maps and figures for other reports. More recently I have worked on projects involving the new services Surface are offering. To be involved in some of the first Air Quality and Site Finding projects Surface have done has been very exciting, and to be given positive feedback from clients was even better.

Working on these projects has allowed me to put into practice the knowledge and skills I have gained from my first 2 years at University, as well as learning new skills on the job. Being involved in such a diversity of tasks has not only reinforced my love of the environment, but has also highlighted other areas of interest to me, which will help me to focus my module choices when returning to University in September.

I have enjoyed my first 6 months, and I’m looking forward to finding out what the next 6 months here have in store!

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